About Us

Welcome to Amerasian

Established in 1995, Amerasian is based in Fort-Worth, Texas, USA . We claim a strong presence in the international market place. Amerasian is a global provider in the development of infrastructure projects, project financing, manufacturing, construction, property development, international trading, and Aviation.

Our customers are mainly government agencies and large private organisations. We partner leading international organizations and finance houses. We have gained international acclaim for the projects which were carried out by our team of energetic and purpose oriented professionals. Our capabilities distinguish us from our competitors in the diverse business arena. As an independent system integrator, our business is focussed around strong business units within the company.

Our Sectors

In Aviation, we provide services in Aircraft acquisition and Finance. In this context we have joined hands with many experts in the industry as our partners. Read More
In engineering consultancy we provide expertise in the complete spectrum of a project from design to delivery. Read More
We operate a state of the art manufacturing facility in Sri Lanka for wooden furniture and household accessories with approval for 100% export. Read More
As a project development and engineering service provider, we offer project identification, financing options, design, and project management. Read More
Our reputation amongst leading international finance houses as a strong and innovative service provider enables us to obtain the most attractive interest rates for our clients. Read More
In trading Amerasian is a major supplier of equipment and services to our clients in the government and private sector. Read More
In water we are a leading supplier for Major government agencies and private sector organizations in Sri Lanka. Read More